Visual Studio Code is a free open source IDE created by Microsoft that  is currently the main Angular IDE I use.  In addition to Angular, I like it for Node and general JS development.  It seems to have a lot of momentum behind it right now, with the Angular community creating a continually expanding set of extensions to make your life easier.

Overall VS Code is fast, clean, reasonably intuitive, and has most of the key features you’d expect from a good but simple IDE.  For me, one of these is the integrated terminal window allowing you to have multiple terminals running at the same time as coding.  WebStorm is slightly better at this, having tabs for it’s integrated terminals which are easier to switch between than VS Code’s dropdown selector, but WebStorm also costs money.

IDEs are mainly a matter of personal preference, and we’re pretty lucky that there are many great open source IDEs to choose from right now. VS Code is probably at that top of my list.

For some great extensions to get you going with VS Code checkout Angular Essentials.

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