Ionic is an open source project, maintained by a company called Drifty Co, who also offers some extra features for pay.  I have used Ionic on a couple mobile apps and am very impressed with the capabilities and features.

Ionic uses HTML, CSS, Angular, Typescript and Cordova to build mobile apps for both iOS and Android.  Since it is a Cordova app, the app is basically a webpage that is styled and functions like a mobile app after it is packaged as a webview.  This makes it easy to develop for both iOS and Android, however, since it’s essentially a webpage, it is sometimes criticized as being a few hundred milliseconds slow to respond. There’s always tradeoffs.

The Command line tools help you easily start projects and add files to your project, automatically adding references in your generated files in the app.modules.  There are over 120 native plugins that you can use with your app like a camera, barcode scanner, and since it uses Cordova you can use Cordova plugins as well.


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